Hair Loss

In an effort to preemptively avoid the issue of our cat contracting fleas from our dog, who we believe had them, we purchased topical flea medication. It was applied to both the dog and the cat, and we have used it numerous times before on our dog who has suffered none for it, but this was the first time we’d used it on the cat. She’d had Revolution used on her before, and it did cause some temporary hair thinning at the application site, but it was a very small area just between her shoulder blades where her microchip was implanted, nothing major and it was very minute….

However, this time, with the use of the Hartz, I have seen some definitely noticeable hair loss around her shoulder blades and below them as well, down along her spine. A patch of her fur looks dull and discolored compared to the rest of it, and if you make an effort to pull a bit at the area, you’ll pull out a notable amount of fur.

Beyond that, thankfully, the cat is no worse for the wear. She’s having no health problems like seizures, vomiting or anything of the like. However, the Hartz has definitely caused her to lose some fur in the last few days, and I believe it may also have damaged what fur remains in the area, and that it’ll only fall out in time.

Definitely will not be using Hartz on my cat again anytime soon; even if she’s not fallen ill from it, I don’t want her to go around with a bald spot on her back again.

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