Sargent flea collars

Bought 4 cat collars and all cats were burned by the collars. Why isn’t there a class action lawsuit?

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  1. They are out of CHINA. It’s been going on for years. Even Ebay says they don’t sell poisons, but they do allow this flea collars and flea drops. I had a cat her name was “yonder” we found her in Kentucky in 1993. When we brought her home we bought that flea drops put it on her she was a kitten. Had no clue what this will do. She started foaming at the mouth and having little seizures. When my husband and I mediately put her in the shower and washed her down. It’s the product. She never really recovered. Every time we used advantage on her she would twitch the first night. I was lucky, very lucky and she survive and live 18 years. I lost her in 2010, all day.
    I wrote the company 25 years ago, they offered me my money back. That was it. Originally the product was strong enough to kill the fleas but as it was used cats got ammuned to it and it wasn’t working. So they upped the dosage of the poison. That’s how it was explained to me many many years ago. Nothing is changed I’ve never heard of any class actions or any lawsuits. I would hope somebody would. It’s devastating to watch your baby die or be so ill like that.

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