not poisoning

i been using hartz ultraguard plus for cats collar and on my dogs for years and they are healthy no soars or seizures has happened and they work

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  1. Lucky you. Thanks for supporting a company that knowingly produces products that have killed countless beloved pets.

    1. Exactly. My baby passed on Mother’s day. The veterinarian at the emergency clinic did in fact, confirm it was poisoning from the flea collaršŸ˜­.

  2. Just because your dog and it’s probably an adult is doing fine doesn’t mean others are not. Cats necks and here for fallout from the collars burning it off of them. And seizures and foaming at the mouth come from the dropS. It will kill kittens and puppies. Go to that website and read what people are telling you and you’re very naĆÆve for thinking and putting your animal in jeopardy by using this product. Now you know and you should stop. How do you know you’re not destroying your animals organs inside. How do you know that your pet won’t live longer If you used a better product. I love my pets too much to jeopardize their lives because it works and it’s a cheap product. Really, really shame on you for knowing and we warned you. I would never, never put my for babies in a situation where that would make them ill or die knowing what I know. And you should not do it either. Spend a few dollars more and buy the good stuff.

  3. Martin Martinez,

    What is your point? Do you think that because you have not experienced problems, the products are safe?

    Given the poor track record of Hartz, it is foolish to continue using their products. Why do you continue using Hartz? Do you not love your cat and dog? Do you want them to die?

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