30 pound cat killed by Hatz for 5+ pounds

My 5 year old pure bred maincoon died tonight from harts flea meds. The medication was for for cats 12 weeks and older over 5 pounds. 3 days ago I gave him Hartz topical med for fleas and he started going downhill with in the hour. He was basically poisoned by the stuff and there was nothing we could do. I learned of pets dying across the country from a friend at work after mentioning to her what had happened. The vet asked if we accidentally gave him large dog meds. I got out the packaging and left over treatments to show what I had used. Really too upset to write more details, only writing this as a warning to other pet owners.

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  1. Haha shut up. Your cat didnt die because of the flea medicine. There may be an underlying issue that could have reacted with it, but stop telling tall tales. Look up the active ingredients. They are virtually harmless to animals. If you want better results stop being so cheap buying 12$ flea and tick treatment. I love how people say they care so much for their animals, but they dont pony up the 40$ to buy a real treatment. 40$ is cheaper than 120$ vet bill because you were to cheap to buy stuff that actually works. Just stop already. This site is full of a bunch of typical cry baby new generation bullshit. Everyone has to complain about something to somebody on some form of message board, protest, social media, etc. Its disgusting. 50 years ago posts like this never existed and still shouldnt. So all i all just STOP

    1. You know, some people didnt grow up as fortunate as you did. What if that person didnt have enough money to buy the expencive crap you buy. You have no idea how hutr that cat owner was when their cat died. If you dont want to see these sad stories then do something usefull with YOUR sad life instead of putting people down. And this isnt a form of complaint, this is a form of alert for other pet owners and a a way to express concern. And you’re discusting, you’re discusting for not having a soul. And you are the one actualy complaining because you took the time to complain about someone else. So you are the one at fault… not the pet owner. Get reked by a 15year old.

  2. Tears. I’m so terribly sorry. My cat which is also maincoon is very ill right now. I used the spice scent flea collar and now he is very ill and I can’t find him outside. I’m sorry for your loss and I feel like Hartz should be completely removed from shelves.

  3. Poor Logan
    He has anger issues and loves to sit behind his laptop in momma’s basement trolling the web.

    You need a girlfriend dude

  4. Logan,
    You are a completely misinformed idiot who needs to be tortured slowly until you grow a heart and a brain! My cat also died due to being poisoned by this shitty cheap product. It caused my Mermie to go into complete renal failure after I gave it to him the same way I always gave him Revolution. The guilt that comes with knowing that my cat died due to my error is alone, heartbreaking, as it is. Then someone like yourself, not knowing what the hell he is talking about, writes to a grieving person the pathetic post you wrote. It is unimaginable. Even in the event that you were actually correct, (not)!!!
    I have an idea…..
    Since your such a Hartz supporter;
    You can be the guinea pig and Ill give you a human consumption able amount of the flea medicine, and we can then see how it affects you. I’m sure many people will agree with me.

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