New warning – bad batch of Hartz Oinkies

I purchased a new bag of Hartz Pig Skin Oinkies treats on 5/5/2017 and gave my 3.5 yr old Hungarian Viszla 1 chew treat at approximately 9:30 pm that evening. She consumed about half of the treat and within 30 minutes, her eyes were swollen shut and her muzzle was very swollen – eye lids and lips were pink/bright red. I immediately administered 50mg of Benadryl which helped a little but, she had to go to the vet for a steroid/Benadryl injection the following morning. She’s still taking Prednisone for the rest of the week in conjunction with Benadryl – just for added safety, as instructed by my veterinarian. Please understand, she had been consuming these treats since 6months of age up until 5/05/1017 at the rate of approximately 3-4 chew treats per week with no problems until now. Be careful and don’t risk your pet’s safety with these dog treats. I guess we were lucky since it didn’t cause full-blown anaphylaxis but, I really won’t know if this treat has caused any permanent damage for some time. Don’t risk it!

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