Hartz shampoo is like toxic waste!

I tried Hartz oatmeal shampoo on my two Springer spaniels. Both developed horrible skin lesion the day after. Changed back to a sulphate-free shampoo with simple preservatives and the problem is going away. This Hartz shampoo is like toxic waste! It’s the bad preservatives in it.

One thought on “Hartz shampoo is like toxic waste!”

  1. How did you remedy the situation? I recently bathed my dog w/ ultraguard flea/tick shampoo. At first he was fine, but then a few days later noticed a lot of dried puss on his spine. I washed him w/ Luke warm water only, and now he has a large red, raw spot approx 2″ in diameter on his back. It looks awful. We’ve been treating w/ derma-vet ointment (leftover from prior injury). Not sure it’s helping.

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