I have a 6 year old cat who likes to sit outdoors on our deck. As a precaution I administered Hartz flea and tick, exactly as the box as prescribed. I’ve used this exact one just last year with no problem. However, this year, within 20 mins- she was foaming at the mouth and running around like a crazy cat. I immediately googled and came across this page…. I gave her a bath, with my baby’s shampoo , as it was the only sensitive thing I had on hand.-within 30 mins of the administration and she seems to be acting a little better now…. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. How is this stuff legal? I’m outraged!

OneSpot cats killers

Ultraguard OneSpot killed my cat after 1 week of pain and convulsions !
I called them they told me that maybe i gave him UltraGuard for dogs…
What can I do with them ?


I used Harz onespot on my cat, few days later he started to act as like he have epilepsia, convulsing and salivating. I called this bloody company, they said that their product is testef and can’t give this kind of reactions. Going to my vet for the third time tomorrow to try something.
Please, if anyone had the same issue, what treatment did you used ?
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Hartz hairball shampoo

My two year old Siamese passed away tonight after using Hartz cat shampoo..2 hours after her bath she fell over sideways and began to convulse and died within 30 seconds…