2 cats died after using Hartz cat flea drops

I noticed my 2 beautiful persian Cats had a couple of fleas and purchased this Hartz ultra Guard -one spot flea control drops .I applied it just as the instructions. They were both having seizures at the same time. They were puking yellow foam and was helpless laying there in my lap on the way to the Vet .They were both dead before we got there ..I would have never used this product, IF I would have known the danger .I only use vet recommendations now

dont use drops

I had 2 dogs die last year and after reading some of the comments oh here, they had they same reactions and didn’t realize until it was to late. I hope this gets out to every one so they will stop using this stuff.


I had put these drops on my 5 pound Yorkie poo. A couple days later she went outside and literally fell over and couldn’t get up for a few minutes. A few days later, my 60 pound pit mix did the same thing. She too fell down and fought to get back up with no luck until a few minutes later. Do not use these drops if you love your animals as much as I do. I immediately put all my dogs in the tub and just scrubbed and scrubbed them.


I used hartz for years on my dog not knowing anybetter! Luckily he didnt get any side effects and is still with us today but i can say the product didnt work!!! He brought us home lovely fleas. Sadly i used the same product but for cats on my kitty. I held her as she had a seizure from the topicial flea treatment. She was puking yellow foam and was very lethargic. Luckily she was tough through it and is still here today too. But i will never again use any hartz product, not even there shampoo! I have herd so many negative outcomes from using this product and i would love to see it pulled off of the shelves.


I purchased flea drops at a local major discount store. Within hours both my dogs were in pain. I had spot treated by putting a few drops down each dogs back from neck to tail. It was like putting a cigarette out on them. They had raw burn spots. I called animal poison control they said to bathe the dogs. I wrote a letter to the manufacturer after calling them first. I returned the unused tube with receipt. Requested full refund and compensation for a days lost work. They refunded the product and sent 2 dog bisquits saying they hoped my dogs were feeling better. NEVER AGAIN USE HARTZ OR SARGENTS.


We had a female yorkie. We called her peaches. She was one of our kids. She died after using the drops. The broken place in our hearts will never heal

Hartz Killed My Cat

I put the flea/tick drops on my cat a day later she started vomiting yellow foam& foaming green from her mouth She started having convulsions shaking her body would go rigid her mouth hang open Got her to the vet the poison in the drops attacked her neurologic system They tried to save her she passed this morning

Hartz Kitten Milk Replacer

I foster kittens and have always used KMR milk powder for bottle feeding.
Late one night someone bought me a kitten I wasn’t expecting and I had no KMR so had to purchase Hartz kitten milk from the store. The kittens were 2 weeks old and thriving well.
Within a couple hours of feeding them the Hartz milk two of the four were not able to use their back legs and all four were not thriving. Luckily I am a vet tech and have many resources at my disposal. I was able to give all four kittens sub q fluids and Nutrical for a couple of days to keep them alive. After 48hrs they began to come right and all 4 survived and are now super healthy.
I now recommend AGAINST Hartz formula and products to anyone I know who is fostering a bottle fed animal. If I didn’t work in the position I do, I strongly believe these kittens wouldn’t have made it. I was just lucky enough to have Iv fluids and Nutrical at home.

Hartz Flea and tick for cats “WILL KILL YOU CAT”

Growing up i never used flea and tick medicine on my pets. i recently bought this product since i have a new balcony for my cat. immediately after application she began to rub and bump into me. i assumed she was okay but seemed very irregular after 2 minutes. i then noticed her mouth was open which caused me to supervisor her even more. she would lay down and pant and her eyes began to sink as if she was fading into sleep. she began to run and jump and hit things. Now its been about 15 minutes and it became almost a plea for help from her. i was so terrified. i began googling and saw all these horrible affects. i immediately washed the meds from her neck with her regular pet shampoo… “that Doesnt work”. she calmed down with the jumping and running and bumping but the panting and the heavy breathing increased. i didnt know what to do. it was all a clock game now. i thought my pet was going to die. after the panting, heavy breathing and urges to vomit become to much for both of us, i began to wash the treated area again. this time i used dawn dish soap. “life saver Seriously”. As soon as i exfoliated her neck with the soap she began to calm down. i’ve might of exfoliated for about 30 minutes and it helped incredibly with her pain. her breathing calmed the panting ended and now all she can do is lay down at this point. she was so physically drained that she could not bare with her own body weight. she layed for the rest of the day and night. she wasnt her normal self until the next morning. This company is out to murder your pets. Do not recommend this to anyone and if you see anyone attempting to buy stop them. you may be saving the lives of there fury friends.