Cat had very bad reaction

I tried Hartz flea drops on my cat once as they are less expensive and no vet appointment is required. HUGE mistake. Within a few hours my cat was shaking, vomiting and his pupils were very dilated. Luckily he ended up recovering but it was touch and go for a couple of days. My advice to other pet owners would be to avoid all Hartz products.


Tell me why this isn’t in the news? Tell me why there isn’t a law suit (class action perhaps)? This is aweful…..and posting these very sad and disturbing stories isn’t really doing anything…this needs to be all over the media……….

Dog got super depressed from drops

I used this on my Layla about 2 years ago. I was naive and got something on the cheaper side because I felt like paying more than $30 was ridiculous. Within 30 minutes of application she was super lethargic and could barely move she was so sleepy. I knew something was wrong, and the only thing different had been the flea drops. I started looking up side effects and reviews. The stories of pet deaths, pictures of chemical burns, all terrified me. I gave her a bath with some dish soap (since it was oily I figured that would work best), within an hour she was back to her normal self. I will NEVER use this again, the shift in demenour, the neurological side effects, the fact that it could cause serious chemical burns, and let’s not forget that this has actually killed beloved family pets, all Hartz topical products should be pulled from the shelves in my opinion. They clearly do not care for animals and will use the cheapest ingredients available in order to make a profit.

Killed cat

Over thirty years ago I put Hartz flea medicine on my cat who was about a year old – that evening I found her dead under my bed – she was completely healthy up until then. I wrote to Hartz & told them what had happened. They wrote back & told me it was absolutely not their product. I have refused to buy anything made by Hartz & I tell everyone I know not to buy their flea products

Hartz Flea and Tick Killed My Cat

In December 2015 our perfectly healthy 7 month old indoor male cat died out of the blue and I now believe the flea and tick treatment I gave him is what killed him. About a month to his death he was at the vet to get neutered and necessary shots. He was perfectly healthy!! One day he appeared rather lethargic, breathing heavy, but would still drink water and ate a small amount so I assumed it was just a “cat mood” that day. The next morning, however, when we woke up he was barely breathing, looked awful and his coat almost looked kind of mangled. We knew by just looking at him he wouldn’t survive the day. My husband found him in the bathroom, dead, with blood and foam coming out of his mouth. At that time he said the cat looked like he had been poisoned, but he was strictly an indoor cat and we had no chemicals, rat poison or anything that he could have possibly gotten into. I was pregnant at the time, so I wasn’t manning the litter box myself, but my son later told me the cat had blood in his stool, too. Hartz should not get away with this!!

Hartz flea drops

My 6yr olds daughters poodle was killed using this hartz product. We apply just as directions said to within seconds he started pulling his hair out of his back and crying. So I wash it off with hartz shampoo! Then 3hrs later after trying to find an animal hospital my poor little girls $1,700.00 dog died because of this product. The dog had been to the vet for all shots wormed and had a clean bill of health. The vet verified the cause of death to be poison that we unknowingly​ applied by the name of Hartz flea and tick drops. I will never buy another product with the name Hartz on it!!!! YOU KILLED MY BABIES BABY BE THANKFUL I HAVE NOT SUED YOU FOR YOUR LOUSY PRODUCT!

Rescued then killed

Feels great when you’re able to save a stray momma kitty to be. It was coming up to winter and we couldn’t let her just live outside so we let her live inside but of course she had lots of fleas. Such innocence thinking you’re helping your pet by treating them with flea medication. WRONG. Not only did we apply this brand to the cat but also the dog. In a short week the dogs left side of his face drooped. His bottom eyelid hung so low we thought he had a stroke. Then the cat began to not move she would stay in one spot the whole day. Didn’t move for food or water. She passed away in our arms a few das later. This product is not safe. This product should be taken off all shelves.

Flea and Tick Collar

I put a flea and tick collar on my dog and a week later he started panting a lot. At first I assumed it was just because he was hot. After a few days I took him to the vet. The vet said it could be pneumonia, blastomycosis or lung cancer. He ran some tests but I removed the collar that night just because I didn’t think he needed it if we weren’t out at camp. The vet ruled out pneumonia and blastomycosis, so he said it had to be lung cancer. Within a few days of removing the collar his breathing was better. If he would have had lung cancer he would have gotten worse not better. Therefore I believe it was the flea and tick collar.


We used hartz flea drops on my cat after she got outside one day. I started to apply the drops and she ran off. Not knowing what was happening I chased her an finished applying the medicine. Within minutes she started dry heaving. Urinating and pooping uncontrollably. Barely moving. I told my husband to give her a bath an use blue dawn to get it off just incase. After her tub she still wasn’t moving and breathing funny. She ended up foaming out the nose and bleeding through the mouth. Died within a half hour of administration. Couldn’t even get to the vet in time. My heart is still broken.

Flea collar

I put a Hartz collar on my 15 year old dog in November 2015 and by February 2016 he had to be put down. Hartz takes no responsibility, they don’t even answer your emails. That need to be put out of business.