Three years ago I mistakenly tried Hartz flea shampoo followed by hartz flea drops… On my coonhound. She went into convulsions and seizures. It poisoned her!!!!! 600.00 vet bill later she’s alive!!! Never ever use any product with promethazine!!! Contact your vet for ANY FLEA PRODUCT.


Poor Buddy

We gave buddy Hartz flea &tic drops,I am Sonya Buddys owner and i have brain cancer and i am epileptic and have seizers…,and when i gave poor Buddy the Hartz,he started sceaming like it was burning him and then had a seizer,can you understand how stressfull it was for me to see the little dog(BUDDY)who helps me having a seizer and from something that i gave him,….Buddy is a service dog and he knows 10 min. before i am going to have a seizer,what ever your doing i wont in on it,….they (hartz)heart my poor buddy!!!..Sonya

Hartz Flea Drops for small dog

In 2008 I used the Hartz Flea Drops for small dog on my dog Trixie. She was a Jack Russell and weighed about 27 pounds. Prior to this Trixie had never been sick and I had only ever used Frontline on her.
I gave her a bath earlier in the day and then waited until about 7 or 8pm that evening to put the drops on her when she was perfectly dry. Within an hour she was frothing large amounts of foam from her mouth and shaking as if in a seizure. I quickly scooped her up and took her to the kitchen sink and began rinsing the area on the back of her neck where I had applied the medication. I rinsed that area for quite awhile and then completely bathed her a second time once she showed signs of relief. I wanted to make sure there was not a trace of this medication left on her fur or body.
She made a quick recovery but it was scary. I followed up with a vet visit the next day for good measure. My vet, Dr. Lamb, said he had heard many, many bad and fatal stories from using this product. SHAKING MY HEAD!!! Why is it still on the market? Every time I’m in the pet area of any store that carries this product I feel a sense of guilt because I’m so afraid someone else is going to buy it and use it on their pet and possibly lose their pet.
I did write the company with a copy of my receipt. I never got a response. I wasn’t surprised. What could they possibly respond or say to one person who’s dog they nearly killed? …I mean after they knowingly keep selling the product with thousands of stories like mine -or worse that ended in death!!!!!!!!!

Almost killed my cat

My perfectly healthy 1 year old cat was almost killed by this product. I applied it and immediately he began shaking his head. He tried to run away but fell over and started foaming from mouth and his nose. It appeared to have blood mixed in with it. I called the emergency vet who said wash it off with dawn dish soap. He was poisoned within minutes of applying. He recovered but it took a couple if weeks for him to bounce back to his normal self and that was only having it on him for less than 5 minutes. Never used any hartz product since.

My poor princess

I lost my princess, Mitzi, a beautiful Tortie kitty, after using the Hartz spray for fleas. I bought it because it was cheaper than the drops and the fleas were being stubborn. Worse thing I ever did. My baby became very lethargic and stopped eating. 2 days later while at the vet, she had a seizure that killed her. She was always a healthy kitty… my spoiled princess. Now I live everyday with the guilt that it’s my fault. Will not touch Hartz products ever again!! I make sure to spread the word as well. RIP Mitzi.. momma loves you

Fleas, and more fleas.

Our dogs have never had fleas before. I decided to get this in a quick attempt to make sure our first dog didn’t get fleas from our second dog that we got at the Humane Society. We noticed our first flea about 24 hours after applying. About seventy-two hours after application we had more fleas then I thought we’d be able to treat. My male dog never had fleas before and he was miserable. Unfortunately we are unable to treat them with any other flea medication for up to 30 days. This was almost like using sugar water to fight mosquitoes off. When dog ended up with worms. Both dogs ended up with fleas and scabs from the fleas. Luckily after the 30 days we were able to get their regular flea medication and both were cleared of fleas after 12 hours. I would not recommend this product to anyone and this company should not be allowed to produce any products for the animal.