UltraBAD Pro

Just as Poor Armando just posted, our cat was running around as if schizophrenic, and panting, and seemingly terrified of everything. I immediately washed it off of her, thinking it was burning, and looked-up “Hartz Ultraguard Pro issues cats” and was glad I washed her off. Familiar symptoms listed. Despite repeated water on her, she almost immediately (within 30 minutes) calmed down, and is back to normal. We put it on her before going to dinner, so it was on for a couple of hours; only lingering (possible) effect has been a more pungent urine, and a little more frequent, thus my return to seeing what lasting effects there may be, and finding this website.

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  1. If there is any chance this stuff can damage the kidneys orbother organs, you want to increase water intake by feeding appropriately since kibble causes dehydration (see http://www.catinfo.org, recommended by cat vets, caring vets and rescue groups. See Dr. Zoran’s JAVMA article there too.) You might want to consult a cat vet to see if they recommend any supplements that might help the liver, like milk thistle. I’d strongly recommend getting blood work done. Ideally you’d want to compare it to previous lab work to see if the flea products caused damage. Your cat might need blood tests every six months to monitor for further damage.

  2. This is unacceptable! ! WHY IS THIS STUFF STILL BEING SOLD!!???!!!!
    My dog went through the same thing it almost killed him this company has so many complaints about this product but they still turn their head and keep producing it for money.
    I’d like to tell them just remember this life’s temporary you’re going to pay one day when you neet your maker!

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