My Dog Is Not The Same

When we first got our dog, 4 years ago, we tried Hartz as a preventative for fleas. I still feel guilty. If I had known then that my dog would still have skin issues due to the collar we used, I NEVER would have even tried. Within 24 hours he was itching and biting so bad that I called the emergency vet to see what could possibly be causing his distress. After talking to her for less than 5 min, I could not get the collar off of my buddy fast enough. I know my dog has forgiven me, but I will always feel guilty and ALWAYS tell people NOT to use any Hartz product.

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  1. Yes, I went through the same thing except I use the liquid on the back of the neck. Not knowing, it would cause my dog to go through 24 hours of seizures acting abnormal not being able to sit still, breathing issues, yelping etc….
    But yet after hundreds of thousand of complaints this company still continues to sell this product! They are some sick people I tell you and Karma is not a very nice thing

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