Hartz Flea and Tick Killed My Cat

In December 2015 our perfectly healthy 7 month old indoor male cat died out of the blue and I now believe the flea and tick treatment I gave him is what killed him. About a month to his death he was at the vet to get neutered and necessary shots. He was perfectly healthy!! One day he appeared rather lethargic, breathing heavy, but would still drink water and ate a small amount so I assumed it was just a “cat mood” that day. The next morning, however, when we woke up he was barely breathing, looked awful and his coat almost looked kind of mangled. We knew by just looking at him he wouldn’t survive the day. My husband found him in the bathroom, dead, with blood and foam coming out of his mouth. At that time he said the cat looked like he had been poisoned, but he was strictly an indoor cat and we had no chemicals, rat poison or anything that he could have possibly gotten into. I was pregnant at the time, so I wasn’t manning the litter box myself, but my son later told me the cat had blood in his stool, too. Hartz should not get away with this!!

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