Dog got super depressed from drops

I used this on my Layla about 2 years ago. I was naive and got something on the cheaper side because I felt like paying more than $30 was ridiculous. Within 30 minutes of application she was super lethargic and could barely move she was so sleepy. I knew something was wrong, and the only thing different had been the flea drops. I started looking up side effects and reviews. The stories of pet deaths, pictures of chemical burns, all terrified me. I gave her a bath with some dish soap (since it was oily I figured that would work best), within an hour she was back to her normal self. I will NEVER use this again, the shift in demenour, the neurological side effects, the fact that it could cause serious chemical burns, and let’s not forget that this has actually killed beloved family pets, all Hartz topical products should be pulled from the shelves in my opinion. They clearly do not care for animals and will use the cheapest ingredients available in order to make a profit.

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