Flea and Tick Collar

I put a flea and tick collar on my dog and a week later he started panting a lot. At first I assumed it was just because he was hot. After a few days I took him to the vet. The vet said it could be pneumonia, blastomycosis or lung cancer. He ran some tests but I removed the collar that night just because I didn’t think he needed it if we weren’t out at camp. The vet ruled out pneumonia and blastomycosis, so he said it had to be lung cancer. Within a few days of removing the collar his breathing was better. If he would have had lung cancer he would have gotten worse not better. Therefore I believe it was the flea and tick collar.

One thought on “Flea and Tick Collar”

  1. The drops burned a hole in my cats neck. And my calico wouldn’t let me put the flea collar on her..She knew.. So I read the reviews and was just shocked at all the deaths that this product caused. I’m disgusted that this product continues to sell in stores. I returned everything and complained the manager. Don’t know why someone has not sued Hartz for unnessasary deaths. You don’t about the other tick/flea products..

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