We had a female yorkie. We called her peaches. She was one of our kids. She died after using the drops. The broken place in our hearts will never heal

4 thoughts on “Peaches”

  1. My dad & stepmom . Had the same situation with their little dog . Same sysmptoms . And then passed away . Take the Shit off the shelves before someone loses their pets from this . They have No business to keep from selling this product .

  2. This is sad for All families to lose that part of their families . Their fur babies as we call them . They are devoted and loyal to a fault . They are there for you when sad , depressed , sick or happy . Let’s keep them safe !! They deserve that much . Hartz you suck !!! Get off the stores shelves .

  3. My Calico, Goldie, ran away when I tried to place the flea collar on her..And my other cat, Blanca, looked like she had cigarette burns on the back of her neck from the flea drops. I returned the Items to the store along with a loud complaint To the manager.. Just don’t get it.. Why are theses products still being sold after all these injuries and deaths.!!! Should’ve read the reviews before purchasing them..

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