Hartz Kitten Milk Replacer

I foster kittens and have always used KMR milk powder for bottle feeding.
Late one night someone bought me a kitten I wasn’t expecting and I had no KMR so had to purchase Hartz kitten milk from the store. The kittens were 2 weeks old and thriving well.
Within a couple hours of feeding them the Hartz milk two of the four were not able to use their back legs and all four were not thriving. Luckily I am a vet tech and have many resources at my disposal. I was able to give all four kittens sub q fluids and Nutrical for a couple of days to keep them alive. After 48hrs they began to come right and all 4 survived and are now super healthy.
I now recommend AGAINST Hartz formula and products to anyone I know who is fostering a bottle fed animal. If I didn’t work in the position I do, I strongly believe these kittens wouldn’t have made it. I was just lucky enough to have Iv fluids and Nutrical at home.

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