I used this product on three of my cats, all three which are between 1.5-3.5 years, 7+ lbs and healthy. ALL THREE are having horrible reactions. Two of them I’m not sure are gonna make it through the night. They are running around like there are ghosts chasing them and crying. They are also PANTING like dogs. They are acting very afraid of me and hiding when I try to comfort them. I washed their necks with water. I’m hoping they pull through the night. How is this still on the shelf???! I literally don’t understand how this is an issue still. This company better hope my cats make it through the night. Please, don’t put this on your cats. I am terrified

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  1. Perhaps P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) may need to be contacted about this horrible product that remains on the shelves! P.E.T.A.’s main office is in Norfolk, Virginia. Their address is 501 Front Street–Norfolk, VA 23510; and their phone number is (757)622-7382. Perhaps they are not aware that this product is being sold despite the harmful effects that it has been having and continues to have on our beloved pets?!?

    1. I have been telling people since 1993 when we used on one of our kittens. She foamed at the mouth and twitched badly. Vet said wash it off immediately. And we did, under the shower and suds her up. She survived amazingly but anytime we used Advantage on her she twitch and fussed a little the first night it went on her. After that she was okay. But HARTZ is the bad product made in CHINA. They offered me our money back for the liquid HARTZ flea drops. I declined and tried to tell companies INCLUDING EBAY that this is a poison that is killing our beloved pets. No one seemed to care. WALMART sells this too. I would also email any seller I saw that sold this product on eBay. Sometimes they would respond and drop the ad and throw it out. And others would say they’re going to sell it anyway. I even wrote Ebay company regarding the sale of poisons. But they never responded back or did they stop people from selling HARTZ. Every time I’m at the pet department at Walmart or any other store that sells this item, and people are going to buy it. I told them exactly the website and what it’s doing to puppies and kittens and killing both including cats. I think me and Move on but that’s all I can do. A vet will not talk because they do not want to get sued.

  2. PETA doesn’t really care about domesticated animals. The ASPCA might, and possibly the national Humane Society. I am curious to know if the original poster’s cats made it? I am so sorry to hear Hartz products continue to harm pets, in spite of many years of incidents occurring.

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