Ultraguard plus cat drops- Get the word out!

I generally try to avoid chemicals but my poor cat finally has his first meeting with a flea & even with the best cleaning I kept finding one or two every month, wanting to end the cycle I decided to get him flea drops.
He also has tapeworms from (apparently catching & eating a flea) I also have a dog so an infestation is terrifying to me. Having to buy dewormer, flea drops, & clean litter as well as drops for the dog is a lot of money to spend in one trip for me right now. So against my better judgement I bought these $12 drops for target, just assuming that’s what people normally got for their cats. I have quarantined the cat & the dog from each other as well as obsessive hand washing after petting one or the other (I’m aware how toxic dogs ingredients are to cats & it terrifies me)
The product simply said to empty the continents at the top of their neck obviously going for the one area cats can easily groom/clean. Upon doing so, I immediately regretted it. The smell was so chemical & strong my nose and eyes were burning. He immediately had this huge oil slick on the whole back of his head, & he just looked miserable.
I checked the clock hoping if I gave it 15 min to dry it wouldn’t be so bad.. He soon attempted to clean it off himself.. I literally laid to make sure he didn’t get any in his mouth. As soon as I got up to get a paper towel or something to soak up all the excess, he pawed some into his eyes (he is a cat, of course this happened).. Luckily it just seemed squinty & irritated, so I rushed him to the bathroom to be able to flush his eyes if needed..
By that point (Maybe 10 minutes in) my gut was telling me this was a mistake & I immediately gave him a warm bath with dawn. (Which is nice because dawn is gentle & works amazingly for fleas, just not prevention) I washed & rinsed twice.

We got into bed & I noticed he was shivering. Thought maybe he was still a little damp but curious about side effects since I was already concerned and I find all of these horrible terrifying reviews about how unfit this product is.

Now it’s 6am & I am still awake. I have him curled up in blankets laying on a heating pad snuggled up with me, but I am so worried about falling asleep because where I was hoping to have my mind eased by reviews, quite the opposite.

I hope he will be back to his bright little self after a cat nap, but if I could go back at this point I would definitely not buy this product! It is by no means worth the risk to save the money. I don’t know how they have this on the market, & being sold in a petsmart, target, etc.. I feel like I would have been better off just giving him is usual dawn bath & skipped the panic that was today, as well as this fear I have for what could go wrong.

I can’t believe I paid to feel this way. If he acts strange in any way when he wakes up I’ll take him straight to the vet.. So any money I saved argument will quickly be out the window.

Wish us luck & send good vibes.. & good luck with your fur babies! I would choose a natural solution or a better product. I for sure will never buy something again this important & potentially life threatening with out reading reviews.

Usually I would throw the rest into the “donate to the humane society” box, but I don’t even feel comfortable doing anything but disposing of this poison.

hartz ultra guard flea and tick collar

my cat blanco is one of 8 we have. he had a severe reaction to the hartz ultra guard collar. he wore it for 3 days when i noticed his neck looking funny. i took the collar off and saw that he has a raw ring around his neck. its horrible. i checked the others and they all seem fine but we immediately took thier collars off too. how awful a product this is.


We found a few fleas on my dog and decided to put the drops on her. We had used it before and had no problems. So we put it on her and she stops itching. The next morning, she wakes up with a limps we didn’t really think anything about it, we just thought she slept weird or something. It didn’t hurt to the touch so we just put some ice on it and let her walk it off. The next day, I wake up and she can barely walk at all and whenever I would touch her arm, she would wince. We wrapped it up and put more ice on it and carried her everywhere. The next morning, I woke up to the sound of her SCREAMING in pain. She refused to put any weight on it and every time she would take a step, she would collapse. At this point, we were extremely worried and decided to do some research. I read about the hartz poisoning but I didn’t really see much about limping or extreme leg pain. So we called a vet and they said to give her a bath and remove the drops to see if that would help. Immediately after we bathed her, she perked up and could walk a little bit better. She still had a little bit of a limp, but you could tell she was doing way better. I will never use that medication again because I never want my dog to be poisoned like that again. PLEASE DONT USE THIS PRODUCT!

Severe Rash and Itching

I originally posted this on an Amazon review site, in January 2016:
I’ve used this product on my Jack Russell a few times before with no major reaction but purchased a new bottle a few weeks ago. Around Christmas time my dog picked up a few fleas. She was scratching and I found one, so I gave her a flea bath. A couple days later, she was still scratching, so I gave her another. Another day or so later she still kept scratching and her belly was covered in red spots. Her skin was obviously irritated. She has short hair so it is not too hard to find fleas, especially with a flea comb. None found. I though that maybe she was just having a reaction to flea bites and started to look for a way to soothe her. She was chewing a spot on her back side so much that she had it down to raw skin. Also around her tail. I tried some hydrocortizone ointment, that didn’t seem to settle her down. I gave her a half a tab of benadryl each night before bed too, I can’t say that had any effect. I read that an oatmeal bath can help soothe her itchies, I gave her a couple of those. It seemed to help a bit, but she was still scratching. I did some more reading on the Internet, skin irritations can be difficult to diagnose, fleas, mites, food allergies, and more can cause the problem. I read fish oil can help so started giving her one of those a day. I also read about coconut oil. I started giving her a bit of that orally each day, and also have been rubbing her down with it. It leaves her coat a bit greasy and “unkept” but it stops the itchies. It’s been a month now since I used that shampoo and she is still recovering, but has been doing better this past week. The red spots are gone, but she still has some patches that need to heal after she’s bitten and chewed herself. Hartz should find itself in a class action lawsuit for selling this product, especially after they have received so many complaints and continue to sell their product knowing that it does damage to pets.

Hartz Ultra Plus Cat drops have nearly killed our HEALTHY cat

Our cat Kylo was in perfect health. These drops were recommended as a budget alternative to pricier drops. On 10/7/2017 we administered the drops and he appeared fine so we went to dinner. We returned 2 hours later. Our boy ALWAYS meets us when we come in but didn’t this time. We found him barely able to move and crying. He would try to stand up and would fall over. There is no emergency vet where we live. We bathed him three times. He has started walking some but holds his head to the side and shakes it a lot then falls again. I just want our cat Kylo to be okay. Any information on how to proceed would be tremendously appreciated.

Cat almost didn’t make it

I bought Hartz from Walmart for our inside kitten (8 months old…probably a cat by now). I put it on her and she ran away per usual. An hour later she is lethargic and lifting her legs (looks like she had tape on her feet). She couldn’t hold her head up and wasn’t playing. (She plays 90% of the time and we have developed a love/hate because of it. Five AM hits and she’s ready to go. Every. Morning.) This medicine is actual poison. It put my kitten on her behind and she got convulsions. I was unnerved and bathed the medicine off her (after googling Hartz) and she is ok. It was on her for 9 hours. I will never use this again and I will tell every person I know to never use them.

Hartz Flea & Tick Collar

My sweet puppy got a chemical burn from Hartz Flea and tick collar! I didn’t notice until about 4 days after I put it on him. I hope he will be okay!! I feel so terrible that I put it on him😔


I have been reading the reviews about the flea drops, unfortunately my dog got so sick I had to put him down. I applied the drops on him on Friday September 26. He seemed ok. 2 days later he was holding his head at a tilt and his hair had fallin out when I put the drops. He was very unstable and couldn’t walk straight and kept falling of the chair. As the week went on his condition wasn’t getting any better. He was just peeing where ever he was and all he did was sleep. He seemed real out of it. I could not get him to eat or drink. The other way I could get him to eat was open his mouth and put food in there. Needless to say days and nights got worse, he was crying when he tried to move and I actually had to stand him up and hold him just for him to move. It got to the point on Monday October 3 ,2016 that he could no longer move all he did was cry. I had to take him and have him put down. Broke my heart because before I put the flea drops on him he was 100% well.


We picked up a stray dog two days ago, and she was INFESTED with lice. The vet recommended generic flea-drops, so my sister went to the store and bought some Hartz for the dog, being careful to buy the drops for 15-30lb dogs (she’s 17lbs). My husband put the drops on her at 2:30 today; she was lethargic after that, and around 5:00, she started puking. She puked five times between 5:00 and 5:30. We called the vet who recommended a bath, so we bathed her THOROUGHLY, and she’s puked 3 more times between 5:30 and now (9:00). We haven’t been able to get her to drink any water, and she’s also uninterested in food despite being underweight. She perked up after the bath, so we’re optimistic, but we were shocked at her reaction.

I am working on filing a class action lawsuit, and I need your help.

Last week I shared my story about Sentry flea medicine killing both of my mother’s cats. Since then I have found hundreds of people, especially on this website, who have dealt with the same tragedy. I have spoken with a few lawyers who seem to think this might be a possibility. Please, if you are reading this, reach out to me with your story at [email protected] I want to include everyone possible in this movement.

Obviously, no kind of financial reimbursal would ever make up for the loss of our pets, but we can at least help prevent this from happening to families in the future. Sentry knows for a fact they have something to cover up, because they keep rejecting my review on their website describing what happened to my mother’s poor pets before they died.

RIP Baby and Smokey.