Used ultra guard- cat started foaming at the mouth

Gave our 1 year old cat the flea tick ultra guard and she immediately began to panic. She was running laps around the house and foaming at the mouth, like drooling to the floor uncontrollably. She seemed to be in a lot of pain and was panting and her tongue was very red. We immediately gave her a bath to scrub off the hart ultra guard and then she seemed to feel better. This was only 3 hours ago, and she’s eating now and seems to be in recovery, but it was traumatizing for both her and my family. We are keeping a close eye on her and doing everything we can to get this off the market.

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  1. I gave the hartz flea treatment to my cats today and now my 9 month old cat is having tremors. Keeps blinking and twitching she’s my baby I have been giving her water.poor thing can’t barely stand. I can’t afford a trip to the vet.she’s having a hard time breathing and her heart is racing. Does anyone have any suggestions ???

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