11 Month Old Dog Death

I gave my 11 month old Maltese puppy a bath last night and she took a drink of the bath water. When I removed her from the bath she immediately vomited. She started to walk around with careless footing. Within 20 minutes she was shaking and hype salvating. Within 45 minutes foaming at the mouth. After trying home remedies suggested by the veterinarian office, I realized she was faltering fast! By the time I got her to the vet (1 1/2) hours later they took her back. Within 5 minutes of getting there her heart stopped. The blanket I used to snuggle my dying baby with was covered in globs of her beautiful wavy white fur. I am truly devastated by the cruelty and aggressiveness of these products! Remove them now! Hope for Roxy!

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  1. I applied the hartz flea and tick to my dog on October27, 2016 and after 12 hours my dog passed away. I want to file a lawsuit against these murderers. Especially after I contacted the manufacturer and they said this is very unusual. I All they have to do is google their own name and they can find 1000s of complaints. Unbelievable.

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