Please sign. we need to stop this.

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  1. My cat, Hartz flea and tic poisoned my cat. Within 2week after putting the collar on her, she lost half her body weight and is basically fighting for her life. From 10-10-16 to today 11-1-16 my cat has a 50/50 chance. These people need to be stopped

    1. Hartz ear drops killed my cat!!! I cried for a week straight!! After I put the drops in her ear she stopped eating and drinking laid in one spot and didn’t move for two days then the morning I was taking her to the vet I found her in the guest room on the floor dead!!! This was Jan 14th. I miss her so bad!! How many animals have to die before they take the s_ _ _ off the shelf!!!! I been telling everyone!!!!!! My Leeah was 8

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