HARTZ killed 2 of my cats

I recently used Hartz Flea drops on my two cats. Within 7 hours my first cat went into seizures and it was horrible. She’s i
Then laid on her side with her mouth open constant SEIZURES! ! Then My 14 1/2 year old developed the same symptoms 5 hours after my first one. They both had to be rushed to the emergency animal hospital & were euthanized. I always used advantage or frontline & just this once tried HARTZ and now they’re both DEAD. This company should be blown up and I’m sorry for all those that have lost fur babies because of this shit

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  1. I’m sorry for your losses, I went through the same thing with my cat of 7 years but used a different hartz product ; if you would message me your story i’d appreciate it as I’m trying to start up a class action lawsuit with the help of everyone who sends me an email about what hartz products have done to their fur babies. Already have about 6 emails. Spoke with a laywer, now just waiting to see if they’ll take the case.

    1. Your an idiot if your cat has a seizure you put them down? I have a cat that is 1.5 year old and still has seizures and he’s the happiest cat. Your cats would’ve passed the medicine and within a few days but you gave them cheap medicine an didn’t know what to do when shit happened so you had them killed you killed your cats not hartz. So someone should give you a bad name instead of you trying to give hartz one

      1. No they’re not an idiot my cat right this sec is having seizures mouth hung open panting jerking loss control of bladder and has been hours I used hartz and they will pay if she doesn’t pull through which I’ve prepared myself for the word and she’s never had a seizure one before this

      2. My god! She didn’t kill her cats. They were miserable. They don’t have epilepsy! The seizures happened because of this awful medicine! And you’re saying they would’ve passed the medicine? Let’s say you got poisoned. You wouldn’t just say “Oh, I’ll pass it,” and move on! You’d call 911! So, you need to provide your animal with the same care you provide yourself.

    2. I’m sorry for your loss hoping and praying my babybpulls through she’s suffered for 8 hrs now I’ve called every place including hartz they’re closed cause it’s sun and I have prepared myself for the worse haven’t left her side bit by story is he same as lots of others on here there skitish in the beginning thing to hide started panting shaking and then bad seizing started then within the past hour she’s peeing on me and it feels like boiling water I will back u 100% whether she pulls though or hot this needs to be took off shelves and no money or anything could make up the loss but they should have some punishment it is awful seeing ur baby like this

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