About 2 weeks ago I gave my cat Hartz One Spot which contains Methoprene. Within a day, she had a bad neurological reaction to it. She started head-bobbing which is so common to Parkinson’s patients. I didn’t have the money take her to the vet and get her properly detoxed, so I gave her the most thorough bath I have ever done, concentrating on the back of her neck when I put that vile poison. She’s OK now, but I’m sure it was very hard on her. I don’t know if there is any long-term damage from that crap, but I hope not.

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  1. I used the flea & tick spray by hartz on my cat of seven years and ended up having to put her down due to anemia, but also thanks to the hartz product for causing her really bad neurological problems. If you can contact me with your story I’m trying to file a class action lawsuit. You can email me at [email protected]
    I’ve had at least 3 people contact me trying to also file a class action lawsuit and we are trying to get as many stories as possible. We’d appreciate your help.

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