Ultraguard plus cat drops- Get the word out!

I generally try to avoid chemicals but my poor cat finally has his first meeting with a flea & even with the best cleaning I kept finding one or two every month, wanting to end the cycle I decided to get him flea drops.
He also has tapeworms from (apparently catching & eating a flea) I also have a dog so an infestation is terrifying to me. Having to buy dewormer, flea drops, & clean litter as well as drops for the dog is a lot of money to spend in one trip for me right now. So against my better judgement I bought these $12 drops for target, just assuming that’s what people normally got for their cats. I have quarantined the cat & the dog from each other as well as obsessive hand washing after petting one or the other (I’m aware how toxic dogs ingredients are to cats & it terrifies me)
The product simply said to empty the continents at the top of their neck obviously going for the one area cats can easily groom/clean. Upon doing so, I immediately regretted it. The smell was so chemical & strong my nose and eyes were burning. He immediately had this huge oil slick on the whole back of his head, & he just looked miserable.
I checked the clock hoping if I gave it 15 min to dry it wouldn’t be so bad.. He soon attempted to clean it off himself.. I literally laid to make sure he didn’t get any in his mouth. As soon as I got up to get a paper towel or something to soak up all the excess, he pawed some into his eyes (he is a cat, of course this happened).. Luckily it just seemed squinty & irritated, so I rushed him to the bathroom to be able to flush his eyes if needed..
By that point (Maybe 10 minutes in) my gut was telling me this was a mistake & I immediately gave him a warm bath with dawn. (Which is nice because dawn is gentle & works amazingly for fleas, just not prevention) I washed & rinsed twice.

We got into bed & I noticed he was shivering. Thought maybe he was still a little damp but curious about side effects since I was already concerned and I find all of these horrible terrifying reviews about how unfit this product is.

Now it’s 6am & I am still awake. I have him curled up in blankets laying on a heating pad snuggled up with me, but I am so worried about falling asleep because where I was hoping to have my mind eased by reviews, quite the opposite.

I hope he will be back to his bright little self after a cat nap, but if I could go back at this point I would definitely not buy this product! It is by no means worth the risk to save the money. I don’t know how they have this on the market, & being sold in a petsmart, target, etc.. I feel like I would have been better off just giving him is usual dawn bath & skipped the panic that was today, as well as this fear I have for what could go wrong.

I can’t believe I paid to feel this way. If he acts strange in any way when he wakes up I’ll take him straight to the vet.. So any money I saved argument will quickly be out the window.

Wish us luck & send good vibes.. & good luck with your fur babies! I would choose a natural solution or a better product. I for sure will never buy something again this important & potentially life threatening with out reading reviews.

Usually I would throw the rest into the “donate to the humane society” box, but I don’t even feel comfortable doing anything but disposing of this poison.

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