Severe Rash and Itching

I originally posted this on an Amazon review site, in January 2016:
I’ve used this product on my Jack Russell a few times before with no major reaction but purchased a new bottle a few weeks ago. Around Christmas time my dog picked up a few fleas. She was scratching and I found one, so I gave her a flea bath. A couple days later, she was still scratching, so I gave her another. Another day or so later she still kept scratching and her belly was covered in red spots. Her skin was obviously irritated. She has short hair so it is not too hard to find fleas, especially with a flea comb. None found. I though that maybe she was just having a reaction to flea bites and started to look for a way to soothe her. She was chewing a spot on her back side so much that she had it down to raw skin. Also around her tail. I tried some hydrocortizone ointment, that didn’t seem to settle her down. I gave her a half a tab of benadryl each night before bed too, I can’t say that had any effect. I read that an oatmeal bath can help soothe her itchies, I gave her a couple of those. It seemed to help a bit, but she was still scratching. I did some more reading on the Internet, skin irritations can be difficult to diagnose, fleas, mites, food allergies, and more can cause the problem. I read fish oil can help so started giving her one of those a day. I also read about coconut oil. I started giving her a bit of that orally each day, and also have been rubbing her down with it. It leaves her coat a bit greasy and “unkept” but it stops the itchies. It’s been a month now since I used that shampoo and she is still recovering, but has been doing better this past week. The red spots are gone, but she still has some patches that need to heal after she’s bitten and chewed herself. Hartz should find itself in a class action lawsuit for selling this product, especially after they have received so many complaints and continue to sell their product knowing that it does damage to pets.

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