I have been reading the reviews about the flea drops, unfortunately my dog got so sick I had to put him down. I applied the drops on him on Friday September 26. He seemed ok. 2 days later he was holding his head at a tilt and his hair had fallin out when I put the drops. He was very unstable and couldn’t walk straight and kept falling of the chair. As the week went on his condition wasn’t getting any better. He was just peeing where ever he was and all he did was sleep. He seemed real out of it. I could not get him to eat or drink. The other way I could get him to eat was open his mouth and put food in there. Needless to say days and nights got worse, he was crying when he tried to move and I actually had to stand him up and hold him just for him to move. It got to the point on Monday October 3 ,2016 that he could no longer move all he did was cry. I had to take him and have him put down. Broke my heart because before I put the flea drops on him he was 100% well.

One thought on “DANGEROUS DROPS”

  1. My cat of 13 years died after I used the drops…Is not anything or anyone sacred anymore to large money makers? I have a 11-12 week kitten at home, any safe ideas? So sorry for all the pain you’re going through…pets are the ones that allow me to give and receive the only unadulterated love left…

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