Let Amazon buyers beware

I posted here long ago about Hartz flea drops that killed my cat unknowingly and that it was this website itself that warned me of the dangers after using the same product on my 3 cats. All 3 got sick in just an hour and got all of them in a tub with warm water, not hot as hot will cause the poison to get in their system much faster and saved them. They all recovered with no permanent damage and 3 years later are alive and well today! Reason I’m writing this is because I buy on Amazon and all Hartz products have 1 star rating with complaints similar to what you see here. I’m a good customer there and wrote an article which Amazon published even though I never bought that item from them. If you have an Amazon.com account, I highly recommend going to the comment sections of the products you used and post your horror story. Most likely Amazon will post it. Please don’t flame, use profanity, make it professional and to the point, but let them know. With all the complaints already there, and if you add to them, Amazon will most likely pull all Hartz products! Also, when posts get votes they show right on the top. If you see a good post warning people, try voting for it so all will see and the important message doesn’t get buried. 200 bad ratings means too many people either hurt or killed their pets. We need to keep those numbers down and saved our beloved pets and those pets of others! Thanks.

My cat Mayhem is still not out of the woods

used this on my cat 1 time, she seemed fine but after 36 hours, I noticed she had been sitting in the same spot and position for hours. So I went to go pick her up to love on her and as I lifted her up, her eyes were going crazy, shooting rapidly back and forth and her whole body tensed, she threw her head to the right like she was having a seizure. she wouldn’t move or walk and she went totally limp. I rushed her to the emergency vet where I have sat since 10pm last night when this happened. She cannot walk, when she tried she lists to one side and falls after a few steps. After showing the vet the bottle I used, she was stunned, said she thought the organophosphates had been banned, and she said its the same neurotoxin in it as SARIN GAS!!! WTF!!!??? How can they sell this product to use on pets? They gave her atropine and told me to bathe her as much as she will stand, but they said its more than likely irreversible neurological damage. I feel like the worst person on the planet right now, cuz I did this to her, I put it on my baby and now she’s seriously hurt. How can this company be stopped, how can they be prevented from selling this awful stuff to us to use on our innocent animals?!


Long story short: DO NOT USE HARTZ PRODUCTS. According to the Small Animal Hospital here in Amarillo, they see many cases where Hartz products are essentially poisoning animals. I have read an exorbitant of reviews on this product, and the effects range from skin irritation, shaking, vomiting, foaming at the mouth, seizures, to DEATH. Hartz has received more than 44,000 reports of adverse reactions associated with spot-on flea and tick products. For example, a man in Texas won a lawsuit against Hartz; his dog went into renal failure because of their products. Their statement was, “that’s the risk you take when you use our products”, “it was [the owner’s] fault he died”, and even “owner negligence was cause the death.” Any statement such as those above would not be issued by a company who values their customer base and truly is compassionate for animals. Please, spare your animals and use another product advised by a veterinarian. Know what you are giving your babies BEFORE you give it to them. I have, without a doubt, been touched by an angel.



My poor little pug: poisoned by Hartz?

Thursday night, put the Hartz UltraGuard on my 2 pugs. It’s for dogs 15 – 30 pounds. The little one is about 19 pounds. Saturday night a grand mal seizure, just awful and frightening. Many hours in the ER. Sunday night, a less-violent version of the same thing. His vet, upon hearing that there was flea/tick medicine given, said: I don’t think it’s that, he’s had Advantix and Frontline before. Oh, but I didn’t use that. “I hope it wasn’t Hartz, my time working in the ER, Hartz caused so many problems. I don’t know why they sell that any more.” After which we went straight to the shower, to wash off any residue. Watching and waiting, and hoping this nightmare is over…


I went to my local supply place to get something for my pets for fleas. I applied Frontline Plus to all my animals (2 dogs and 2 cats) spent over $150.00 and the fleas did not leave or die from the Fronline. I used it for the three months and they all still have fleas so i decided to try something different and bought Sargent’s Flea and tick for my fur babies. We put it on the dogs first and it smelled nice they seemed okay. Later that evening when Lucky our cat came out to eat and socialize we treated him, he is a seven month old rescue, he immediately started twitching and meowing like crazy. He was going nutso. He cried and screamed all night long. In the morning he was walking funny and his whole body was going into seizures. We took him to our vet just in time they tell us. He was near death from this shit. Our vet kept him overnight; they had to give him medication to stop the seizures, had to put him on IV to flush it out of his system, they had to bathe him to try to remove any left over residue. Never again will i use Sargent’s for anything. Our vet bill was $358.00 and the dogs still have flea. I think Sargent’s should reimburse me our vet bill.


We put a dose of Bio Spot for cats on Chip. Within a few hours he was shaking uncontrollably and having a seizure. Took him to the Emergency Vet but couldn’t figure out what caused it. The next morning very early he began seizing again. Again to the Emergency Vet. At this point we deduced that he had been exposed to Bio spot. After several days of intensive care including heart compressions he has recovered enough to come home. This was a dreadful experience for my husband, myself and my daughter. Wish that Hartz were held responsible. Cost us almost $2500 to get our Chip back.

Tyler’s fleas

Tyler our cat has bean treated since may with Advantage but we had a sudden infestation last week so i ran to the grocery store and bought some Hartz Ultraguard. Thankfully he has had no negative side effects but Tyler still has fleas! Making it hard to treat the house because he keeps bringing them in. I am afraid to try another product for feat of a reaction with the Hartz. Going to try a Dawn bath after reading about it here. Poor little guy is being eaten alive :(. Bottom line… This Hartz crap doesn’t even work.

My cat Drella and her 7 lives

My cat Drella is at the Emergency Pet Hospital right now because last night I treated her with her last Sargeant’s tick treatment at 10:20. Woke up at 9:00 and she was laying on my boyfriend’s show shaking uncontrollably and dribbling from her mouth. My dining room chair and coat rack were overturned from seizure activity. When I showed up at pet hospital the first thing they asked was “did you recently give her flea treatment” . $600 she will be ok. If I see sargeants being sold in stores I plan to let the manager know and at the very least leave messages posted. Or perhaps take them and place them somewhere else in the store. This didn’t have to happen.