Sentry Flea Medicine Killed Both Of My Cats.

My mother purchased the Sentry Purrscriptions from her local Tractor Supply store in Michigan. Both of her cats, who were completely healthy before the application, became lethargic and aggressively ill and perished within a day of this medicine being applied. The flea medicine also did NOT kill the fleas, which I feel is salt in the wound here. My mother is devastated, I have never seen her this upset. I will be reaching out to every human being I can to get this product pulled from every store it’s sold in. Hopefully, enough people can come forward to fuel a class action lawsuit against this company so it can’t kill family pets anymore.

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  1. Here’s the letter I have been sending to the EPA, FDA, state legislation, newpapers and stations, lawyers, and PETA:

    To Whom It May Concern

    I am writing you today to bring awareness to a deadly issue that is affecting many pet owners across the nation. This week my mother had to bury her two adult cats because they were poisoned by Sentry “Purrscriptions Plus” topical flea medication. Baby died about 24 hours after the application; Smokey died about 48 hours after. By the time she had realized that Baby’s dramatic turn to illness was related to the flea medication, it was too late for Smokey as well. Both cats were happy and healthy before the medicine was applied.
    I am using our cat’s names in this letter to ensure you know exactly who this product killed. For my mother, a single mom who barely gets to see her children anymore, this was a devastating blow. Her only two pets, killed by a product she trusted – that with further research showed HUNDREDS of horrified and haunted pet owners just like her.
    Websites like Consumer Affairs and document cases all the way back to 2002. Companies like Hartz and Sentry feel they are too big to touch; they target the middle class and below with cheap products as an alternative to a vet visit for lower income families. And, for a minor issue like fleas, there SHOULD be an affordable over-the-counter solution to such a common problem. However, upon speaking with the state veterinarian, Dr. Michelle Schalow, I learned that even she was not familiar with the chemicals in this medication. Etofenprox and Pyriproxyfen have now been linked to countless deaths of pets (as well as some cases of severe illness in owners) whereas the chemicals used in brands like Frontline (Fipronil and Methoprene) have not been linked to the same caliber of destruction. In fact, in many cases, Sentry flea medication allegedly killed the pet, but not the fleas. That’s right – families are burying their pets and still having to continue to treat for infestations.
    The symptoms of Etofenprox/Pyriproxyfen poisoning are aggressive, violent, and painful. Animals of all ages and sizes have been reported to exhibit seizure-like behavior, skin lesions, confusion and fear, lethargic behavior, drooling, etc. Veterinarians have resorted to attempting blood transfusions and steroids among other methods, often with no results. Owners often are forced to euthanize or watch as their pet dies in agony, slowly and miserably.
    This product and these chemicals need to be evaluated and removed from the market immediately. Too many families have suffered through losing a healthy pet because they don’t realize that just because the box has a professional label, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. The executives at these companies are lining their pockets with cash made off of the corpses of our feline and canine family members, and this has to stop. I am writing to you to humbly beg your assistance in bringing this to the attention of the right people.

    Megan Marie Scott
    [email protected]

  2. Thank you. We lost our sweet baby Mittens after applying Sentry in 2012. We were devastated by the loss as she was a great comfort after my child passed away. I will never forget what happened to her. Hair fell out, stopped eating and stayed in our dresser emaciated and vomiting. Even defecating in the drawer where she laid. She died after suffering a week of pain and agony that we could no longer let her suffer and euthanized her .

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