Pet friendly

Hello Josh. I just read a post in my Facebook news feed from a lady who lost her pets to Hartz flea products. I somehow lot the news feed. I did a search and found your site. I am shocked at the number of victims . I am an advocate for safe non toxic products and I represent a wellness company that is a shopping club that sells over 500 toxic free products. It is not just pets we have to be concerned about, little children are around these toxins every day and the parents bring them into the home. Just because they are allowed to be sold in the grocery stores does not make them safe. I myself was shocked to learn that harmful toxic chemicals are in our every day products, most are cancer causers. Ever since that day in February, I joined the shopping club and now I try to get the word out as well. Our company has an insect repellent spray that is all natural and gets rid of fleas, ticks, ants , mosquitoes and ants. I think many of your subscribers would be interested in our company products. We also have a pet shampoo and treats. Please contact me. [email protected]

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