Squeekys bleeding torment

My pitbull squeeky was 8 months old when we used the flea and tick shampoo on him. He reacted immediately to.it like he was in pain. Day two we saw welts and huge lumps on him and he was in pain itching and biting himself. We gave him a warm bath with no shampoo or anything just to get the rest of that off him and things only got worse. After week one most of the fur on his neck and back were gone, his face as well and rash set in. Week two the bleeding began…his skin would dry and break open and he would just bleed everywhere, his face was bleeding all day, his back and tail as well as his rump…the skin was exposed and he was looking like a bloody massacre. Week three when it finally started to clear up, he was scabbing up and we got him a cone to stop the biting in week two, so it helped. His fur was almost gone and he was down to half his weight. It has been a year now and his fur still hasn’t thickened up and you can visibly see where all his scars are from having broken out and being hurt. This company is simply monsterous and has no business selling animal products. My pit almost died as a result of hartz. I will NEVER make that mistake again.

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