Mayhem didn’t have to suffer

Mayhem is the latest victim of hartz company. Please contact me, I’m heartbroken. 1 use of the HARTZ BRAND ULTRA GUARD FLEA AND TICK SPRAY WITH ALOE and she died in agony

2 thoughts on “Mayhem didn’t have to suffer”

  1. david wilgus my 80lb husky died I used the drop he died in two days please email me back and i’ll let you know what to do

    1. hi David, I am sorry im late returning your email. I contacted the poison control to file a complaint with them, who in turn told me to call my local department of agriculture and consumer affairs, which i did, i spoke with an investigator who will be calling me back sometime this coming week. i received a check for my vet bills from Hartz Mountain CO. containing an infuriating letter about how the EPA allows them to sell the products so they don’t see how they are at fault for the death of all these family members. I want to sue them, i want to get this poison pulled from the shelves. whats your advice?

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