My cat Mayhem is still not out of the woods

used this on my cat 1 time, she seemed fine but after 36 hours, I noticed she had been sitting in the same spot and position for hours. So I went to go pick her up to love on her and as I lifted her up, her eyes were going crazy, shooting rapidly back and forth and her whole body tensed, she threw her head to the right like she was having a seizure. she wouldn’t move or walk and she went totally limp. I rushed her to the emergency vet where I have sat since 10pm last night when this happened. She cannot walk, when she tried she lists to one side and falls after a few steps. After showing the vet the bottle I used, she was stunned, said she thought the organophosphates had been banned, and she said its the same neurotoxin in it as SARIN GAS!!! WTF!!!??? How can they sell this product to use on pets? They gave her atropine and told me to bathe her as much as she will stand, but they said its more than likely irreversible neurological damage. I feel like the worst person on the planet right now, cuz I did this to her, I put it on my baby and now she’s seriously hurt. How can this company be stopped, how can they be prevented from selling this awful stuff to us to use on our innocent animals?!

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