Let Amazon buyers beware

I posted here long ago about Hartz flea drops that killed my cat unknowingly and that it was this website itself that warned me of the dangers after using the same product on my 3 cats. All 3 got sick in just an hour and got all of them in a tub with warm water, not hot as hot will cause the poison to get in their system much faster and saved them. They all recovered with no permanent damage and 3 years later are alive and well today! Reason I’m writing this is because I buy on Amazon and all Hartz products have 1 star rating with complaints similar to what you see here. I’m a good customer there and wrote an article which Amazon published even though I never bought that item from them. If you have an Amazon.com account, I highly recommend going to the comment sections of the products you used and post your horror story. Most likely Amazon will post it. Please don’t flame, use profanity, make it professional and to the point, but let them know. With all the complaints already there, and if you add to them, Amazon will most likely pull all Hartz products! Also, when posts get votes they show right on the top. If you see a good post warning people, try voting for it so all will see and the important message doesn’t get buried. 200 bad ratings means too many people either hurt or killed their pets. We need to keep those numbers down and saved our beloved pets and those pets of others! Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Let Amazon buyers beware”

  1. My cat is the latest victim. I will go on amazon and write reviews stating that the Hartz company poisoned my cat to death. Please contact me if you are looking for justice too. I’m trying to make sure her death is the last but this evil company

  2. This same thing happened to my dog with flea & tick product from Hartz, I had to call the poison hot line… I will never use Hartz products again.

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