Hartz the Bastard Company

Was looking to get flea collars for my pets 2 cats + 2 dogs my gf and I decided to trust hartz worst mistake I’ve ever made this is what it did to our cats necks in just 2 days thank fully my dogs have really think fur but you could tell it was starting to happen to them as well will now pour every available moment I have into getting payback on this company

2 thoughts on “Hartz the Bastard Company”

  1. My cat died after using the flea and tick spray with aloe, she suffered a week and 4 different vet visitsaid before her heart stopped. I’m trying to make sure her death is the last. I need to take action just don’t know where to begin. Contact me if you are looking for justice too.

  2. I hope you got your pay back on these jerks! Please know I was moments away from putting Hartz flea drops for cats on my Sammy and Drops for dogs on my sweet Chihuahua Bella. Both animals are so kind and tender. The love everyone and Bella so unlike a Chihuahua adores kids and willlet anyone pick her up and love her. Bella actually has fans around town and people are always stopping me to ask after her. Your story most likely saved her and Sammy’s life. Thank you so very much. I’m sorry for what you and your pets went through.

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