Baseball size abscess

Hey guys,
My poor poor marley. I had purchased him a flea collar not knowing what this brand would do to him as he is one of my first pets. He’s only 2. He looks happy and healthy in this picture but that’s because I worked hard to get him back to this stage. So after him wearing his collar for 2-3 weeks (taking it off every night for bed) he started acting funny. Wasn’t eating, wasn’t acting himself. Was literally putting his forehead on walls and just sitting there for hours on end. I sat there and cried I didn’t know what to do. I googled everything and couldn’t find a thing. When he stopped eating and drinking I got scared and took the collar off him thinking maybe he gained weight and it was getting too small now. (He did look like he was starting to get chunky around the face) but when I took off his collar that day, I had came to the scary realization that the had a huge lump on his neck. And when I say huge I mean it. It was the size of a baseball. And of course me never seeing anything like this before I paniked and googled everything imaginable. Nothing turned up. I felt like a horrible person because I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to call my vet. She sounded very worried and asked me to bring him in to see her in roughly an hour. Well during that hour his poor abscess ruptured. And he was in so much pain I thought he was dying. The vet cried when i rushed him in there. She cleaned him up, gave him a surgery to make sure he would be okay and a lot of medicines. After weeks of healing he was starting to show he was going to be okay. When my vet confirmed it was caused by his collar that had pesticides used on it. She explained that these chemicals had soaked into his skin causing them to create an infection (the abscess). where it was located on his body (whole right side of his neck/chin/chest could’ve caused the poor thing real damage if wasn’t treated properly. WHAT IF I WOULDNT HAVE TOOK THE COLLAR OF HIM AND IF I NEVER SEEN IT?! he could’ve died. And yet the company still stands tall and proud distributing their products so they can be sold on shelves at stores. Hartz is the worst possible brand for animals. And I honestly warn everyone who ever mentions ANYTHING about fleas not to use this product ever, I explain my story and then give them this website. I write this choking on my own words. Because I can still see the sad/hurt that was in his eyes. I hadn’t actually got any pictures of his abscess though I’m sorry I was too concerned I just had to make sure he was okay. We do have an after photo of all our progress on making a healthy marley. I’m so sorry for everyone else who hadn’t had this luck with Hart and who lost a very cherished family member. RIP hartzvictims furbabies xo.

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