I went to my local supply place to get something for my pets for fleas. I applied Frontline Plus to all my animals (2 dogs and 2 cats) spent over $150.00 and the fleas did not leave or die from the Fronline. I used it for the three months and they all still have fleas so i decided to try something different and bought Sargent’s Flea and tick for my fur babies. We put it on the dogs first and it smelled nice they seemed okay. Later that evening when Lucky our cat came out to eat and socialize we treated him, he is a seven month old rescue, he immediately started twitching and meowing like crazy. He was going nutso. He cried and screamed all night long. In the morning he was walking funny and his whole body was going into seizures. We took him to our vet just in time they tell us. He was near death from this shit. Our vet kept him overnight; they had to give him medication to stop the seizures, had to put him on IV to flush it out of his system, they had to bathe him to try to remove any left over residue. Never again will i use Sargent’s for anything. Our vet bill was $358.00 and the dogs still have flea. I think Sargent’s should reimburse me our vet bill.

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