My poor little pug: poisoned by Hartz?

Thursday night, put the Hartz UltraGuard on my 2 pugs. It’s for dogs 15 – 30 pounds. The little one is about 19 pounds. Saturday night a grand mal seizure, just awful and frightening. Many hours in the ER. Sunday night, a less-violent version of the same thing. His vet, upon hearing that there was flea/tick medicine given, said: I don’t think it’s that, he’s had Advantix and Frontline before. Oh, but I didn’t use that. “I hope it wasn’t Hartz, my time working in the ER, Hartz caused so many problems. I don’t know why they sell that any more.” After which we went straight to the shower, to wash off any residue. Watching and waiting, and hoping this nightmare is over…

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