My cat Drella and her 7 lives

My cat Drella is at the Emergency Pet Hospital right now because last night I treated her with her last Sargeant’s tick treatment at 10:20. Woke up at 9:00 and she was laying on my boyfriend’s show shaking uncontrollably and dribbling from her mouth. My dining room chair and coat rack were overturned from seizure activity. When I showed up at pet hospital the first thing they asked was “did you recently give her flea treatment” . $600 she will be ok. If I see sargeants being sold in stores I plan to let the manager know and at the very least leave messages posted. Or perhaps take them and place them somewhere else in the store. This didn’t have to happen.

One thought on “My cat Drella and her 7 lives”

  1. Poor Drella it a shame that this company is allow to still sell their products the top executive should ve charge with murder with poisoning people pets it just gappen to me my cat die a very painful death i felt so helpless trying to help and comfort her i mean you see it probably. At least once a week how they are pressing charges on somebody for abusing someone pet but this company is actually torturing our pets vy selling a product that isn’t pure poison and they dont even put caution sign’s on their package this company dont even care when i called them they were very rude an could careless if your pet was dead all they were trying to find out if i had a case that might hold up in court and if i was going to sue the EPA is who approve this product so it can be sold on our store shelve you know the same gobernment office who lie to the people of Flynt Michigan by telling them that the water that they were pumping in these people houses was good and up to governmebt standard when really they were poisoning the children and people of Flynt Michigan so their probably some government offical pocket getting fat to look the other way to look the other way why they kill our pets

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