Hartz Flea Products – DO NOT USE

I put the flea drops on all of my cats over the weekend. I was dissatisfied that as of yesterday, they all still have fleas – but my one cat has a sore and bald spot at the back of the neck where I applied the product. After some online research, I found this page……. I smell a class action lawsuit brewing for those of you who were less fortunate than I. I wish you and your pets the best.


Hartz ultra guard manufactued to take family away

Our little boy 3 yrs of age, feline, perfect health. 15 mins of a Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick collar just cost me $1500 and still pending.
Foaming and disorientation. Following a ginormous siezure. But there is no pin point evedince that this is the cause! The coincidence for all events is all too common. Where or when can we take this company out of the picture or how can we get money out of them? When is enough enough!

This website saved our kitten!

Earlier today we went into town and bought a flea collar for our rescue kitten, who’s estimated to be about 3-4 months old, but is also extremely small due to his parents being small cats, and he’s had a flea problem since we adopted him. We put the Hartz brand flea collar on him two hours ago and he was immediately acting strange, not walking right and following me around meowing, I’m over cautious so I started watching him and I noticed the fleas were being ATTRACTED to the collar and he was very sleepy so I laid him on his back on my lap and started looking into flea collar dangers and found this site and decided to tell my mom the collar needed to come off and when I picked him up and he was unresponsive. I shook him back and forth with no response, so I started rubbing him hard on his side and finally started responding. I nearly ripped that collar off his neck. I took a wet washrag and wiped his neck down, which was already bloody and put him into the bath. But reading other posts some damage has already been done, since we used the flea powder about two weeks ago, and he’s been sleeping with his eyes open, showing the white eyelids and twitching terribly…..Definitely going to the vet as soon as possible.

Hartz Ultraguard Plus

Terrifying lesson for me today. My cats flea medication is a little on the expensive side and I’ve been shopping around for something equivalent not so pricey. So she went about 3 months with no medicine as I was searching and I was starting to get nervous. I Picked up some Hartz Ultraguard Plus at the store to hold her over. I put the medicine on yesterday and when I came home for lunch today, there was poop on the couch, on the floor, she was twitching all over, and she wouldn’t let me near her. I called my vet immediately and they told me to rush her to the emergency vet asap. Turns out, this is an extremely common reaction to this medicine and the ER said they wish vets would spread the word to warn people. Nimbus was lucky…a lot of cats go into convulsions and either die or require long term hospital stays/treatment. She’ll have to stay at the ER for about 6 hours so they can monitor and treat her for neurological and skin burn issues but she’s going to be ok. Please please please if you have a cat….stay FAR away from Hartz products. I did some research online and am disgusted at what I’ve been finding out. I can’t believe it’s still on the market

Flea and tick shampoo

First off thank you for putting up this site! With out it I never would have known that this company’s products are bad for our pets! I have used Hartz products for about 2-3 years and have never had a problem. I feel that the shampoo never effected my dog because I never left it on longer than a couple minutes. Today I gave my dog a bath with the shampoo just as a preventitve measure and left it on for 5 minutes as the shampoo says too. I followed all the instructions on the bottle. About 7-8 hours after the bath my dog seemed nomal she was happy and jumping around like normal then all of a sudden she lost control of her back legs, was very disoriented, her head was bobbing and she acted like she couldn’t see or focus on anythig. This behavior only lasted about 30 seconds but it has never happend to us before. Im not sure if this was a seizure or not but from looking online it seems these are typical symptoms of one. I didn’t know why this happened to her until I found this website. I feel that this was because of the shampoo as this was the only thing different from our normal routine.

Cat shampoo killed my cat!HARTZ 2 in 1 gentle cat shampoo!!!

I used the flea shampoo for cats for the first and last time on July 22,2016…I followed the directions and my cat didn’t lick or ingest any of the shampoo. As soon as I lathered her up and started to rinse off, she started acting funny.within about three minutes after rinsing, my cat died..her mouth and tongue turned white. The 800 number told me they had never had a complaint if this type before and were so sorry for my loss!! A vet told me of this site and now I’m outraged even more as I was definitely lied to!!!


I bought my 2 cats the adult brand of flea collars about 2 months ago and put them on the cats about 1 month ago. Just tonight I was petting my cat Peppurr and I noticed he has no fur and a line of scabs about 2 inches along the front of his neck. I’ve noticed since he had the collar on that bewitched around it but I assumed it was irritation from dead fleas or something (my stupidity). I’ve done a lot of research and I can’t seem to find any other reason for this. He is missing so much fur and has raw open scabs and I’m not happy an innocent creature has to go through torture because of human stupidity. Wow


My small dog got a dose of this last night, I thought it was like advantage. NOT!!! It’s dangerous. I awoke to a trembling dog that would not let me pick him up. Nerves all sensitive. I gently washed him, it took all day to get him right, we swam all day. Water water water, but that water is now polluted!! This stuff needs to be Banned! If my dog died I would SUE the #%!!!!%#.

Hartz ultragaurd plus

My 6 month old kitty is in the animal hospital today just hrs after i put flea treatment on him.he was convulsing uncontrollably and breathing really fast and hard.he even stopped bresthing in my arms.luckily i blew into his nose and he started coughing up saliva and bresthing again.

Luna is lucky to be alive

My cat Luna is not even a year old, and I almost lost her because of this product. I saw a couple of fleas on her face in early July, and figured I would buy an over-the-counter topical flea medicine. I chose to buy this product instead of Revolution, which she already had in May, because I thought the prescription stuff would be too strong for her after she just had it (how very wrong I was…), and I didn’t want to pay minimum $100 to see the vet just to get a prescription.

I applied the Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick prevention to Luna’s back on Monday morning. Within 15 minutes, she was howling in pain, writhing around, drooling like a faucet, shaking inconsolably, and attempting to run and hide from anything and anyone. I was terrified, but nothing compared to how scared she clearly was.

I immediately ran to the sink and wet a paper towel and began to wipe this toxic sludge off of her back. I was amazed she was letting me do this, which points to how painful this product was for her – she was even letting me use Dawn soap and warm water to cleanse her. As soon as I had wiped as much of the product off as I could, I finally saw her skin. It was an angry, blistering red under her fur. Where she had itched her back with her back legs, her paws were red and inflamed. She hid under the bed for the next two hours.

When she finally came out, I saw she was violently shaking her back legs every time she walked. I wiped her back paws down again, because I figured it still felt like she had hydrochloric acid on her paws.

The next morning, after barely sleeping because of her racing heart beating against my cheek (she didn’t want to be alone) I noticed she was bubbling at the mouth. I raced her to the emergency vet, who examined her. The vet said if I hadn’t washed it off of her in time, Luna would probably have died.

Luna has been lethargic, paranoid, skittish,and downright terrified since I put this atomic bomb on her back. It has been two days, and her skin is still inflamed, her back legs are still shaking, she’s barely eaten or moved, and she’s still drooling.

As a journalist, I hope to do everything in my power to take this company down. I have posted on their Facebook page several times, and each time, my comments get deleted.

It is up to us, the pet parents that came dangerously close to losing our beloved furry babies, to warn others of the destructive, abusive, irresponsible, lethal practices of this sham of a company.