Hartz ultraguard pro I put it on four cats and within 7 minutes they started screaming and crying two were drooling. DON’T USE THIS IF YOU DO WASH IT OFF OF THE FIRST SIGN OF REACTIONS. YOUR CAT WILL LET YOU GET THEM AS WET AS IT TAKES TO WASH IT OFF

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  1. After 3 days of wearing Hartz Ulraguard Collar my cat started
    having rapid tremors and shaking of his hips and buttocks like he was having a seizure in his body.I took the collar off and am observing him for several hours now for any other shaking.
    I have four cats that I adore.All were wearing this brand collar which I have removed and will NEVER USE AGAIN.Please do not NOT NOT USE ULRAGUARD COLLAR BY HARTZ IN YOUR CAT OR DOG.VERY DANGEROUS PRODUCT.If you look this product up on internet you will see comments from a multitude of pet owners that have pets become SEVERELY ILL AFTER HAVING WORN THIS PRODUCT,SOME WITHIN MINUTES.PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE COLLARS ON YOUR PETS.

  2. Hartz Ultraguard Flea Collars for cats or dogs are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and are harming animals and making them have seizures or become extremely ill.DO NOT USE HARTZ ULTRAGUARD FLEA COLLARS,Look up on internet if this collar causes seizures and you will see comments from many’many pet owners and horror stories of what happened to their pets.

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