Our sweet Angel

We put Hartz Flea Collar for cats on our indoor cat Angel and shortly after we began to notice strange behaviors. She would not sleep in the master bedroom like she normally does, now she will not leave the kitchen for anything at all. She has drooled all over the floor several times. We’ve found her laying with her head in the food dish. She no longer runs from our German Shephard, Daisy, until Daisy is right in front of her. She constantly tries to escape the house. And the most recent of strange behaviors: she has relieved herself 4 times in the kitchen. The collar has been removed for a few days now and she seems to have gone back to using the litter box, but still does not seem to have an interest in really leaving the kitchen. We could not believe the mistake we made in buying Hartz product without reviewing it first. If she does not improve more within the next few days, we will be taking her to the vet for evaluation. We are infuriated with the company and hope to see action taken extremely soon against them. Had this been a children’s medicine company, all sales and production would have been stopped immediately. So what makes our furr babies any different from a human baby if we cherish them deeply and do our best to take care of them?

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