Homeopathic medicine saved my cat after adverse reaction to Hartz Ultraguard plus

Nala is 8 years old and an indoor kitty her whole life though she has been desiring to go outside since I got her 3 years ago.
She jumps up and tries to turn door knobs with her paws knowing that is how to open doors.
Finally I decided to make her an indoor/outdoor kitty. The first month I stayed with her for short excursions outside. Then I went inside and checked on her outside every 30 minutes or so.
Three weeks ago I let her out and while I went to work.
I didn’t notice any fleas or ticks on her and we brush and cuddle 2-3x a day or more. However she was getting eaten up by mosquitoes and bringing them into the house.
I chose Hartz Ultraguard plus cos it was the only one that said it controlled mosquitoes.
I bought the flea medicine about 3 weeks ago but desired to be home a few hours when it was applied.
As I put it on Nala’s back as instructed she gave me a weird nasty look. She has never done that before.
Within seconds she got very restless moving to a new spot and laying down every few seconds and meowing like she was in pain. Then she got up and started moving around the house from place to place and twitching. Then she started running through the house like she was in a panic and meowing loudly.
Her eyes were swelling and half-mast and blinking a lot like something was irritating her eyes.
She scratched the area and then licked her paws and then she started drooling and got weak. She just plopped down.
I grabbed her and gave her a bath in the sink. The first one ever by me. She loved the towel drying and seemed to settle down some. She desired to be close by me the rest of the night.
However, in the morning she was not by my side and did not come when I called her. This scared me but I had a patient in crisis and had to go to work.
I left work early and Nala did not meet me at the door as usual. Treats got her out of hiding but as soon as I rubbed her back as usual she pulled away from me. I pulled out the brush but when she smelled the product on it she ran and hid in a place I could not get to her. She has never done that before.
I knew she needed medicine and I called the Hartz line but only heard it was after hours and to call back. Since it was after 5pm on a Friday I thought I would have to wait until Monday.
I called several vet offices which were also closed. I went back to the place I bought the product from and their advice get her to a vet. (I’d have to get to her first)
As a doctor of homeopathy, Oriental Medicine and Integrative medicine and have veterinary friends who are homeopaths also, I knew how to detox her but I had to get close enough to administer the remedies.
I convinced her to come out on Saturday and she still was not doing well. Now she was weak and diaphoretic and still acting like it was painful for me to touch her. Her skin was irritated and red. Her eyes were still swollen and half-mast and blinking a lot like something was irritating her eyes. Her voice was deeper than usual. He breathing was abnormal.
I gave her some homeopathics and she was coming around. Her energy picked up she was less irritated, breathing normalized. It took 3 days to come around and on the 4th day her appetite for small bites was back and I let her outside for a short time again. However, after coming inside again she did not desire to go back outside for almost a week.
Her coat is still dull with some hair loss and her immune system has been weakened. Now she is sneezing.
Still watching her any new symptoms.
On Monday I called the Hartz line again and was told by the person on the phone who knew nothing of homeopathy or of Dr. Bronner’s unscented baby castile soap that she could have been having a reaction to those products. HELLO they were administered because of the reaction to the Hartz Ultraguard plus which she reacted to within seconds of the application.
She said the drooling was because of the bitter taste. She also said the product causes a burning, tingling, numb feeling in some cats.

Instead of trying to say something bad about alternative medicine or a gentle soap with oil cutting abilities – that is not dawn with harsh chemicals and grease/oil removers you should say nothing. Alternative medicine saved Nala’s life. Let’s hope there won’t be long term adverse reactions.
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  1. What did you use to get your cat better? My husband cant read and decided to give my 12 week old puppy a bath while i was at work. He used Hartz for dogs. Now my puppy is weak and sick. Please help!

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