Hartz flea powder

Professional Persian Cat Breeder. Hart’s flea powder burned my show cats eye. This is my prize show male stud cat. I WAS VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GET THE POWDER IN HIS EYES. However, the dust did get in his eye despite my trying to be cautious, and it caused a severe chemical burn to the globe. I was very afraid my boy would loose his eye, and I felt horrible every time I had to clean the wound and treat it. Horribly painful for him, but antibiotics and extensive care saved my boys eye. Hartz flea collars burn holes in the skin in a matter of days. Hartz flea drops burn holes in the back of their necks. Thinking the powder would be more mild of a treatment while treating the rest of the house, I used this on my cats. The powder was ineffective against fleas, as well as the drops, and caused this terrible problem. Please do not use Hartz products. I eventually solved the flea problem with flea bombs and Advantage, which also burned one of 10 of my cats but solved the problem. I am uncertain if my boy will be able to go into the show ring and earn his titles, but thankful his eye was saved. The photo shows a one month progressive healing. Had I not been a professional breeder with medical background with antibiotics and eye treatments on hand, I am not sure the outcome would be this way.

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  1. I do not understand why they can’t be sued for the loss of all these pets due to their product. All of the same complaints and this junk is not taken off of the market. Something has got to be done.

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