Avoid this brand at all costs!

Me and my roommate brought home a kitten last night who was treated by the vet for fleas but as we gave him a bath we noticed a few more and we wanted to play it safe with our other three cats. We ran to the supermarket because it was late and the pet store was closed. We came across hartz glean and tick medicine. I read reviews which were not bad but they were also written by people who got this medicine for free. We got home and put it on our three cats and immediately me one cat was actin weird. She was running around crazy and crying non stop. She was also hiding which she never does. I started googling and came across this Website and started reading other people’s horror stories. I was immediately in tears scared for my cats life. We gave her a bath and washed her twice and she seemed to be getting better. Today I came home from work to find hair balls all over my house and vomit in two places. She was also scratching the spot where we put the medicine. As I looked closer I noticed the spot where we put the medicine was now bald. I became hysterical after this. I immediately rushed her to the vet where I am now waiting to be seen by the vet and as soon as I told the receptionist what was going on she said that medicine and brand is very bad for animals. I don’t know why this brand is still on the market but I will make sure I complain and spread awareness about this product and brand to as many people as I can. I want to prevent this from happening to other families because my heart is breaking and I feel like a bad owner at this point.

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  1. i use dawn dish soap( the regular) non-scented and flea comb. give cat/kitten a bath with it leave on for few minutes then rinse and comb with flea comb. repeat 2 days later. if cat still shows sign of fleas repeat process or got to vet. i get advantage multi (fleas, ticks, ear mites and various worms) on my cats with great results.

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