Judy Tyme
August 16 at 8:10pm
Update no 4 & 5,
on Zena, my 15 yr old German Shepherd.
who was Poisoned by Vectra flea meds,
I posted in Facebook how they said the would pay for her care and then and they reneged on paying for her care at the veterinarian ,as promised,
I was forced to post on FACEBOOK that they’re not a good company.
I have been in contact with them over the weekend I finally got contacted again today and they approved my baby to go to the veterinarian to have her pressure point , pee burn sores looked at & to be determined if she was poisoned by Vectra ,
but Vectra does not have no markers, so it’s my word ,the veterinarian’s word, against the company ‪#‎Ceva‬ who makes Vectra.
Zenas pressure points sores are so bad that I hope she can even make it through this.
There is 7 of us adults in this house and three older children who knew that Zena was walking and was fine until I put the flea medication on her, when I woke up she looked like death warmed over.
Nobody told me that you’re not supposed to put this on a aged dog
,I trusted my Vet.
but I am proud to say that I have her for the second time on the front porch to get air and she barked!
1 pictures was in may 2016,
second pic was from last week.
I still need all the prayers for my Zena.
So tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. we get to be at the veterinarian, wish us luck.
We went to the veterinarian who had a conflicting tone of what to do with my baby,
and one hand she was saying put her down and the next minute she was saying well we can help her this way,
and then the next minute she was telling me to put her down again!
I couldn’t wait to get out of that office quick enough ,
On a good note-
her blood levels came out normal for a 15 year old,
She’s going to need surgery and it’s going to cost $204.00 at that veterinarian.
I swear it was going to cost me more.-
they must have thought I was nuts for balling-
I was just so happy that cost wasn’t any higher…I felt there! I can save her! –
but yet …
And yet again another veterinarian trying to say that Zena is old,
and so it’s not Vectra that poisoned her
and I don’t believe that !
there’s nobody else in my household believes that
and a lot of people I’ve spoken to don’t believe that,
it’s awful fishy how I put the medication on her and 6 hours later she had a major reaction and was almost dead!
thank you ‪#‎Vectra‬ for paying her medical bills,BUT I got a wind of all the lawsuits against you. http://www.hartzvictims.org/2010/06/04/hartz-vectra-3d/
You #CEVA should have done the right thing and pay the $204 to get my baby fixed, instead you got greedy and sent her home and won’t take the responsibility of at least trying to fix an old dog,
You let my baby sit for a week and blamed her age and let her get worse with the sores! GREED…
With that being said refund my $55 I paid for the (3) #Vectra medicines that Has poisoned my dog, and TELL why does my other two German Shepherds still have fleas on them? Refund my money! so I can help pay for her SURGERY!

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