Worried about kitten

Hello so i put the Hartz Ultragaurd Plus Flea and Tick Spray on my kitten, she was born in early may, and she seems fine. I was reading on here about the other cats and now i’m slightly worried about the kitten and myself. My grandpa has put it on our outdoor cats before and they are completly fine. But when i read this i immeadiatly wiped her down a couple times with a wet towel. I got it on my hands when i rubbed it in a little. Will we be ok?

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  1. I see you commented awhile back but just thought i’d warn you its best not to use their products. I used the same spray on my cat ; did 3 treatments and just found out from the vet before putting her down due to anemia and this horrible product that the vet I took her to has had a ton of cases where this spray has caused neurological issues to animals where their body can’t function normally. The vet told me that my cat had neurological problems due to hartz flea & tick spray & that she wasn’t able to function correctly.

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