This website saved our kitten!

Earlier today we went into town and bought a flea collar for our rescue kitten, who’s estimated to be about 3-4 months old, but is also extremely small due to his parents being small cats, and he’s had a flea problem since we adopted him. We put the Hartz brand flea collar on him two hours ago and he was immediately acting strange, not walking right and following me around meowing, I’m over cautious so I started watching him and I noticed the fleas were being ATTRACTED to the collar and he was very sleepy so I laid him on his back on my lap and started looking into flea collar dangers and found this site and decided to tell my mom the collar needed to come off and when I picked him up and he was unresponsive. I shook him back and forth with no response, so I started rubbing him hard on his side and finally started responding. I nearly ripped that collar off his neck. I took a wet washrag and wiped his neck down, which was already bloody and put him into the bath. But reading other posts some damage has already been done, since we used the flea powder about two weeks ago, and he’s been sleeping with his eyes open, showing the white eyelids and twitching terribly…..Definitely going to the vet as soon as possible.

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