Hartz Ultraguard Plus

Terrifying lesson for me today. My cats flea medication is a little on the expensive side and I’ve been shopping around for something equivalent not so pricey. So she went about 3 months with no medicine as I was searching and I was starting to get nervous. I Picked up some Hartz Ultraguard Plus at the store to hold her over. I put the medicine on yesterday and when I came home for lunch today, there was poop on the couch, on the floor, she was twitching all over, and she wouldn’t let me near her. I called my vet immediately and they told me to rush her to the emergency vet asap. Turns out, this is an extremely common reaction to this medicine and the ER said they wish vets would spread the word to warn people. Nimbus was lucky…a lot of cats go into convulsions and either die or require long term hospital stays/treatment. She’ll have to stay at the ER for about 6 hours so they can monitor and treat her for neurological and skin burn issues but she’s going to be ok. Please please please if you have a cat….stay FAR away from Hartz products. I did some research online and am disgusted at what I’ve been finding out. I can’t believe it’s still on the market

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  1. I applied this flea and tick medicine on my cat on Sunday and it was like he was hallucinating… He now has a huge bald spot that I have to watch. i am so sick that this product did this. I have to watch this does not turn into an infection now. I cannot even believe that they are allowed to keep selling this product.

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