Flea and tick shampoo

First off thank you for putting up this site! With out it I never would have known that this company’s products are bad for our pets! I have used Hartz products for about 2-3 years and have never had a problem. I feel that the shampoo never effected my dog because I never left it on longer than a couple minutes. Today I gave my dog a bath with the shampoo just as a preventitve measure and left it on for 5 minutes as the shampoo says too. I followed all the instructions on the bottle. About 7-8 hours after the bath my dog seemed nomal she was happy and jumping around like normal then all of a sudden she lost control of her back legs, was very disoriented, her head was bobbing and she acted like she couldn’t see or focus on anythig. This behavior only lasted about 30 seconds but it has never happend to us before. Im not sure if this was a seizure or not but from looking online it seems these are typical symptoms of one. I didn’t know why this happened to her until I found this website. I feel that this was because of the shampoo as this was the only thing different from our normal routine.

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